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Journal Entry #1 :"Why am I Here?"


Journal Entry #1 :"Why am I Here?"

So here I am, with my own website. I must be important now, huh? Funny how I've been working on this site for months, yet I'm sitting here just hours before launching, googling and youtubing phrases like "first blog post topics" and "first blog entry FAQ.".  Apparently , that's one of the most frequently asked questions because TONS of things came up. Still, none of them helped me one bit. What do I write about? So I  figured I may as well ask myself the only question that I really have at this point: 


As cliche' as it may sound , as a child I always knew I had a greater calling. I couldn't verbalize it , and honestly I didn't even know it was a thing until "it" didn't go away. It was a feeling that I could never shake ( it even got me in trouble sometimes) -- a feeling that told me "there has to be more". 

Social media has revealed to me what "more" can actually mean in my life. It has given me a platform and opportunity to share my voice, my opinions, my insight , and ultimately myself , with the world. I'll never forget that day 3 years ago, as I sat in my cubicle practically in tears , pouring my heart out in the caption of one my posts. I had been going through a really rough time , and frankly , I was tired of the Drake lyric captions up and down my timeline . So , I decided to share. I was completely transparent with my feelings and the feedback I received was incredible. It changed my life.  

I had no idea that being myself would get me to the point where complete strangers actually care about what I'm doing , how my son is , what I'm wearing, or what I have to say.  That in itself has encouraged me to continue challenging myself and sharing my story along the way because I know that if I could show people that manifestation is real, they will manifest their own dreams into their lives.  This week marks a year since I left the corporate world to "find myself" and live my purpose. 365 days, 20K combined followers, and 300,000 views later, I sit here and I know that I have the whole world at my fingertips. 


I didn't know what my purpose was that day in my cubicle,  when I decided to stop hiding.  I can't say for sure that I know exactly what it is now. But what I do know is this..I  was put here on this earth to help people. That is what I do. That is who I am. That is , essentially, why I am here.

Thank you all for your support. I'm so excited to continue my journey with you !! =) 

All Love//Always, 

-Chris Miss