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Women are magical. And as we all know, we go through A LOT. What I didn't know is that 1 in 3 women leak a little. When ICON UNDIES  reached out to me to be a part of this movement I was eager to step up and use my voice to speak for those who are voiceless. Full transparency here, I wondered if people would think that I leaked a little too. That when I realized that THIS is what it's about...ENDING THE STIGMA. I chose to be an ally so that we can start actually having healthy conversations about our bodies so that we can change the narrative. 




When ICON asked me which underwear I wanted to shoot in, I was intentional about getting the thong. YES, I love my ass cheeks, but I also wanted to empower women to show them that leaking a little doesn't mean you can't still be fact thanks to ICON there's a product out here that can help you manage without the embarrassment, without the discomfort, and without making you compromise YOUR SEXY. 



IDK about you, but this body pushed out a 10 pound baby. I'm proud of it and ALL of it's functions. Society makes us not want to face ourselves head on. There's no such thing as the "perfect" body if we're being completely honest.

Our bodies literally do SO MUCH for much for humanity, yet when it "fails" us in anyway we live with so much shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Opening up the conversation about what it's really like to be in a woman's body will spark a whole new culture of acceptance. When we change the way we think and the way we approach these conversations, we play a MAJOR part in eradicating the stigma that is harming so many. 

As you all know, I just don't get behind any brand. I have to really feel that they are making a difference. What I love most about  ICON UNDIES  is that they are the actual definition of GIRL POWER. About 1 million women in developing countries suffer from FISTULA. Fistula is a small hole is the bladder that is the result of prolonged childbirth and causes incontinence. ICON has joined forces with The Fistula Foundation and in its first 2 years has helped over 248 women get this very simple yet life-changing surgery. 

If you leak a little , I have some GREAT news. In celebration of World Continence Week, ICON  is offering a 33.3% off discount on all orders. Use my code CHRISMISS for an additional $5 off. If you don't leak, but know someone who does , buy them a pair, or send them the link to this article. I have three pair my and I absolutely love them. Click here to order yours! 


1in3women leak

but 3 in 3 have the power to speak up and end the stigma