I admit, I used to be one of those people. Anytime there was a party , event, or any social gathering .. I NEEDED a new outfit. Before  online shopping really popped off, you could find me at your nearest mall , in the dressing room GOING IN. I remember when I started working full-time after college , sometimes I was receiving packages daily. It was NORMAL. Wearing outfits ONCE and then just throwing them in my closet and maybe revisiting certain pieces after months or even years. Sometimes not at all. God forbid it got on instagram, it was REALLY a wrap after that. But like most things , I got to a point in my life where I asked myself "WHY?"



Why am I spending money I really don't have?



One day it all clicked. Media is constantly shoving this idea that we need the newest thing so that we can keep up down our throats. Why? Because it's PROFITABLE.

 "Who's wearing what?" "Who wore its best" " Get this look for less". It's really all bullshit when you think about it. Now look, I am ALL for fashion, and being fashionable. I mean who doesn't like new clothes? But the question is AT THE EXPENSE OF WHAT? 

A few months back I decided to giveaway/sell 80% of my belongings. I realized I just had stuff. I accumulated things I felt like I needed but really didn't mean much to me. I don't now about you , but with a closet FULL of clothes, I wear the same 5 things day to day. I started doing something I'd never really done. REPEATING OUTFITS. PROUDLY. I realized that it wasn't about wearing something new, it's about the different ways you can rock pieces you already have. 


This green @shopdisclothesure Kingsley Suit has been my go to. It's comfortable, it fits well and its DOPE AF. Anytime I go out in it, I get a million compliments. I've heard everything except for   " oh you're wearing that AGAIN" . Truth is, no one really cares but YOU. 

I loved how Tiffany Haddish took this idea and was very public about "not giving a damn about no [fashion] taboo"  in her $4,000 Alexander McQueen Dress. Stating "it costs more than my mortgage". 


I believe it  takes for people to bold and confident about themselves despite what they're wearing to be able to stand up against this fashion taboo. I made the mistake of thinking that pulling up to every event in something new actually meant something besides having on something new. What did it REALLY do for me except drain my money? The more I understood, the more I asked myself the magic question "WHY"...the more confident I became in just being the BEST me, and that is what shines through no matter what. 

So HERE's to REPEATING OUTFITS, NOT MISTAKES. I created this shirt to spread the movement. If you made it to the end of this blog post , here's a coupon code for $5 off your purchase.

(Code: RONM) 


Thank you guys for reading! Tag me in any fits you recycle , I wanna see!