SING WITH ME : "IT'S THE MOST HIGH STRESS TIME OF THE YEARRRR" . LOL. Let's be honest, the holidays are supposed to be happy and full of cheer but the reality is , they  can be a very stressful time as well. Not only are we out hunting for the right gifts, standing in long lines, and just flat out exhausted...more often than not we are working with tight budgets. 

So this season, I partnered up with Burlington to bring you a "Self Love" Holiday Gift Guide. I wanted to create a list of gifts designed to pour into you far after the season is over. Whether it's for your partner, parents, family members, your co-workers, children, or even your SELF ( And YES , it's OK to buy yourself gifts... Everyday is Chris Miss right? lol ) these gifts are necessary. . What better gift to give anyone than a gift thats  promotes health, wealth,  & SELF LOVE. 

Btw  grand total for all of these gifts was a little under $300... and they are worth every penny. 

1. The 'CREATE' Mug ($4.00) 

Well, because tea time is ALWAYS a good idea ..especially in lavender bubble bath ;) . I thought this mug was cool because of the quote. As a creative , I sometimes have trouble taking breaks. Our minds are always running. Honestly , I never really stopped to really understand the true definition of the word. 

The mug reads: CREATE. v. - to cause to come into being , as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes. 

It's a reminder to create, but to also take some time for a nice big cup of tea or coffee. 


It's all about LOVING THE SKIN YOU'RE IN. Creating a routine, and setting time aside for self-care is crucial. It really makes a huge difference in your overall mood and energy. I have a thing for all natural products. Our bodies deserve the best of the best. I've found that when you take the time to treat your self right, you automatically feel better. And when you feel good, you attract good. Fresh new XL towels are just the icing on the cake after a nice long bath. 


Shot By:  @jeanthehueman

You have NOT experienced the full experience of working out alone , until you've done it with wireless headphones. These are actually my first pair, and they've helped me look forward to working out. I love making a playlist, and putting in work, with no strings attached ..literally. These also come in handy during my commute. I can talk on the phone, listen to my podcasts, and not have to worry about fumbling with my phone. 

4. YOGA MAT ( $8) 

Shot By:  @jeanthehueman

I personally started my Yoga journey 2 short months ago and it is really changing my life . It's helping me to be more self aware and to practice mindfulness. Life can get really hectic sometimes , and I'm finding that Yoga even helps me in those moments. I'm learning to be conscious of my breathing in every moment. Yoga helps strengthen your mind , body , and spirit all at the same time. If you haven't tried it yet, a really cute mat can definitely encourage you to start. 


Ever heard of a "Manifestation Box"? It's basically a vision board on steroids. I used to use a shoebox, so this is definitely a MAJOR upgrade. So this is how it works: You can either cut out images from magazines of things you want to manifest for yourself and put them in this box. You can also write whatever it is on post-its.  I find that with the box , I add to it more frequently throughout the year than I would add to a vision board. Make sure to write a note somewhere on or in the box that reads "Whatever is Contained In This Box Already Is". This is you communicating with the universe that you believe it is already YOURS. I  like to date each note and as they manifest , I write the date that I received it , and I move it to another box titled "Manifested". 

6. CHARGING WALLETS ($17 each) 


I thought these were really awesome , cute, and PRACTICAL. I've talked a lot so far about recharging our spiritual and physical bodies but let's be honest, we need our phones charged too! I for one, am TIRED of having a dead phone. I also feel that giving someone a wallet brings them inspiration to organize their finances and bring them new money. 


PREPARATION. PREPARATION. PREPARATION. Meal prepping is probably one of the BEST habits to practice. I love this lunch box so much because first and foremost it' paisley. I just feel like paisley just makes everything that much more attractive lol. It's also insulated and it comes with 3 meal prep containers as well as ice packs. 



I think half of the battle of getting to the gym or just being active at all is fashionable and comfortable gym wear. Trust me, a GOOD pair of leggings will take you a LONG way. This running pack is also a life-saver. Making sure you can stay hands-free and focused on the task at hand. IF you must change a song, or send a quick text , it has touch screen technology. 


When's the last time you stayed home and gave yourself a manicure? This case is efficient,  compact and gets the job DONE. 



I've struggled a lot with my skin this year. It's not fun AT ALL.  I've always wanted one of these but never wanted to spend too much on it. Then I ran into this and threw it in my car ASAP. It's effective and inexpensive. The best combo. 


You have to SET. THE. MOOD. Aromatherapy does just that.  There are so many benefits.

Diffusing essential oils in your space: 

  •  Promotes healthy well-being
  • Purifies your home 
  • Reduction of Airborne Contaminants 
  • Deodorize Your Home 
  • Humidify The Air 
  • Maintains Oil's Quality and Effectiveness 

Aromatherapy is therapeutic and and promotes physical and emotional well-being.

Essential oils have the power to: 

  • Promote Relaxation
  • Relieve Stress
  • Relieve Stress
  • Boost Energy
  • Uplift The Spirit 
  • Clear The Mind
  • Increase Concentration 
  • Induce A Good Night's Sleep 

12. A HUGE CANDLE ($7) 


A good candle is a game changer. It changes the mood of whatever space your in. I personally like to shut the light off, light a candle, listen to some music, & write in my journal. You can NEVER go wrong with this classic gift.



My guess is're on them a lot? Take the time to pamper them. Since they get us where we need to go every single day, the least we can do is show them a little extra love. This gift box ensure that you keep them soft, and smelling good in between pedicures!

14. SHOES!!!!! ($29.99)

I think you guys get the point by now. TREAT. YO. SELF!!!! When's the last time you bought yourself a new pair of boots? Without the guilt? I'm always in sneakers running around with my little one and I recently did a HUGE purge and got rid of 90% of my clothes and I decided to treat myself to some fancy boots ;) 


Burlington has something for EVERYONE. But this Holiday season, make sure you don't forget about YOU. BE mindful and intentional with your gift giving. Look for practical gifts that can really add to someone's life and promote their well-being. Nothing says 'I Love You' like a thoughtful gift. 

Thanks to Burlington  I have a $100 giftcard to gift one of my subscribers. SO here's the FINALt step to enter to win >>>Join my email list! The first two steps are on my Instagram Post!   I will choose one person to help finish up your last-minute holiday shopping! The winner will be announced Sunday 12/17/17.  Make sure you check out browse  Burlington  to start making plans for your giftcard! Also, follow their instagram  @BurlingtonStyle for more Holiday Inspiration!

Special thanks to @jeanthehueman for the photography. 

Peace , Love & Light.  


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