I was so overwhelmed when this #TCG  campaign went viral last week. I went through a lot of confusion , and identity issues growing up as an Afro Latina. I didn't think twice when I got invited to participate in the shoot especially when I found out Joey, also know as , "islandboy" was shooting. The way this campaign was received by the masses was truly a magical moment for me. From Essence, to Teen Vouge , and the Cosmopolitan, this campaign took the internet by storm...and there I was, in the middle of it..literally. 

So Naturally, when I posted it on Facebook , so many friends commented and shared my picture. Kern, my genius artist friend comment this: 

I was flattered, but I didn't expect what came next. 

[Chris]Miss Universe by  Kern Bruce     

[Chris]Miss Universe by Kern Bruce


This picture means soon much to me. First and foremost, to have someone be inspired to create something so epically dope and share their God given gift is just a crazy feeling in and of itself. It brought me to tears. There was a time when I would walk past a mirror and not look at it because I didn't like what I saw. It took a lot of work and self acceptance to love what I saw. When we look at ourselves we should know that God has created us as meticulously as he created every star in the universe. I look at this painting and I know that my possibilities are limitless. It reminds me that I am important...that I am a masterpiece...that my creator made no mistakes...that I am connected to everything in the universe. It inspires me to love myself unconditionally. It reminds me that I am powerful beyond measure. My flaws are no mistake.  I'm honored , and blessed, to be able to look at this and be inspired to be who I was created to be. 

The Process

Inspiration finds you. Sometimes it’s the random thoughts, random conversations that lead you in a particular direction. One connecting thought, idea connects to another and before long you’ve got something.
— Kern Bruce

Prints and shirts of this painting will be available soon. Please support my friend, and GENIUS artist Kern Bruce. IG @kernyboydraws