There's this idea that I once subscribed to that said ..."if 'bad' things happened in your life it means that you've invited's a punishment for something you must've said or done". That thinking got me nowhere. It scared me. It made me feel that life was about right and wrong and I was always in a position where I had to decide between door one and door two. Stressful, actually. It invited a lot of doubt. A lot of second guessing. I realized that everything is about your intention. You might not always make the "right" choice but when your intention is good ...whatever you get in return will lend itself to building you up. Sometimes that building requires that you be broken down first. Things happen ..period. That's life. Every single second of every single day...something has to. We have a choice. We get to decide how we want to look at whatever that thing is. When that thing makes us uncomfortable , or reveals a weaknesses in us..or calls us out on our bullshit , we tend to label it "bad" or view it as negative. I agree, it's easier to live in comfort. But can we grow from comfort? Not likely. 


I've decided that everything is ALL good even when it's not , it is. Because "not good" times are preparations for the moments we live for. Unhealthy relationships are preparations for healthy ones. Unsatisying jobs are there to guide us to what it is we really want to do. For every "negative"  situation in our lives , we have the ability and the POWER to decide whether we want to look at it as a punishment or as an opportunity. Subscribing to the former means you're leaving your destiny to chance. "Maybe I'll make the right decision ..maybe I won't." It becomes a game..."how many right decisions can I make until I'm happy?" Or can decide that you can be happy no matter what. Even at your worst times..when you can't seem to find your smile ...or that thing that makes you sparkle. Deep down you know you're in preparation to receive all of the things you've worked so hard for. 


The last few weeks have been emotionally trying times. Remembering that these times are preparing me for something amazing enable me to slow down and look inwardly to the things that are being changed and the lessons that are being taught so that when the time comes ...I'm ready for it.  



Let me know how you guys feel in the comments!  

All love, ALL ways