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Women are magical. And as we all know, we go through A LOT. What I didn't know is that 1 in 3 women leak a little. When ICON UNDIES  reached out to me to be a part of this movement I was eager to step up and use my voice to speak for those who are voiceless. Full transparency here, I wondered if people would think that I leaked a little too. That when I realized that THIS is what it's about...ENDING THE STIGMA. I chose to be an ally so that we can start actually having healthy conversations about our bodies so that we can change the narrative. 




When ICON asked me which underwear I wanted to shoot in, I was intentional about getting the thong. YES, I love my ass cheeks, but I also wanted to empower women to show them that leaking a little doesn't mean you can't still be fact thanks to ICON there's a product out here that can help you manage without the embarrassment, without the discomfort, and without making you compromise YOUR SEXY. 



IDK about you, but this body pushed out a 10 pound baby. I'm proud of it and ALL of it's functions. Society makes us not want to face ourselves head on. There's no such thing as the "perfect" body if we're being completely honest.

Our bodies literally do SO MUCH for much for humanity, yet when it "fails" us in anyway we live with so much shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Opening up the conversation about what it's really like to be in a woman's body will spark a whole new culture of acceptance. When we change the way we think and the way we approach these conversations, we play a MAJOR part in eradicating the stigma that is harming so many. 

As you all know, I just don't get behind any brand. I have to really feel that they are making a difference. What I love most about  ICON UNDIES  is that they are the actual definition of GIRL POWER. About 1 million women in developing countries suffer from FISTULA. Fistula is a small hole is the bladder that is the result of prolonged childbirth and causes incontinence. ICON has joined forces with The Fistula Foundation and in its first 2 years has helped over 248 women get this very simple yet life-changing surgery. 

If you leak a little , I have some GREAT news. In celebration of World Continence Week, ICON  is offering a 33.3% off discount on all orders. Use my code CHRISMISS for an additional $5 off. If you don't leak, but know someone who does , buy them a pair, or send them the link to this article. I have three pair my and I absolutely love them. Click here to order yours! 


1in3women leak

but 3 in 3 have the power to speak up and end the stigma





I admit, I used to be one of those people. Anytime there was a party , event, or any social gathering .. I NEEDED a new outfit. Before  online shopping really popped off, you could find me at your nearest mall , in the dressing room GOING IN. I remember when I started working full-time after college , sometimes I was receiving packages daily. It was NORMAL. Wearing outfits ONCE and then just throwing them in my closet and maybe revisiting certain pieces after months or even years. Sometimes not at all. God forbid it got on instagram, it was REALLY a wrap after that. But like most things , I got to a point in my life where I asked myself "WHY?"



Why am I spending money I really don't have?



One day it all clicked. Media is constantly shoving this idea that we need the newest thing so that we can keep up down our throats. Why? Because it's PROFITABLE.

 "Who's wearing what?" "Who wore its best" " Get this look for less". It's really all bullshit when you think about it. Now look, I am ALL for fashion, and being fashionable. I mean who doesn't like new clothes? But the question is AT THE EXPENSE OF WHAT? 

A few months back I decided to giveaway/sell 80% of my belongings. I realized I just had stuff. I accumulated things I felt like I needed but really didn't mean much to me. I don't now about you , but with a closet FULL of clothes, I wear the same 5 things day to day. I started doing something I'd never really done. REPEATING OUTFITS. PROUDLY. I realized that it wasn't about wearing something new, it's about the different ways you can rock pieces you already have. 


This green @shopdisclothesure Kingsley Suit has been my go to. It's comfortable, it fits well and its DOPE AF. Anytime I go out in it, I get a million compliments. I've heard everything except for   " oh you're wearing that AGAIN" . Truth is, no one really cares but YOU. 

I loved how Tiffany Haddish took this idea and was very public about "not giving a damn about no [fashion] taboo"  in her $4,000 Alexander McQueen Dress. Stating "it costs more than my mortgage". 


I believe it  takes for people to bold and confident about themselves despite what they're wearing to be able to stand up against this fashion taboo. I made the mistake of thinking that pulling up to every event in something new actually meant something besides having on something new. What did it REALLY do for me except drain my money? The more I understood, the more I asked myself the magic question "WHY"...the more confident I became in just being the BEST me, and that is what shines through no matter what. 

So HERE's to REPEATING OUTFITS, NOT MISTAKES. I created this shirt to spread the movement. If you made it to the end of this blog post , here's a coupon code for $5 off your purchase.

(Code: RONM) 


Thank you guys for reading! Tag me in any fits you recycle , I wanna see! 




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SING WITH ME : "IT'S THE MOST HIGH STRESS TIME OF THE YEARRRR" . LOL. Let's be honest, the holidays are supposed to be happy and full of cheer but the reality is , they  can be a very stressful time as well. Not only are we out hunting for the right gifts, standing in long lines, and just flat out exhausted...more often than not we are working with tight budgets. 

So this season, I partnered up with Burlington to bring you a "Self Love" Holiday Gift Guide. I wanted to create a list of gifts designed to pour into you far after the season is over. Whether it's for your partner, parents, family members, your co-workers, children, or even your SELF ( And YES , it's OK to buy yourself gifts... Everyday is Chris Miss right? lol ) these gifts are necessary. . What better gift to give anyone than a gift thats  promotes health, wealth,  & SELF LOVE. 

Btw  grand total for all of these gifts was a little under $300... and they are worth every penny. 

1. The 'CREATE' Mug ($4.00) 

Well, because tea time is ALWAYS a good idea ..especially in lavender bubble bath ;) . I thought this mug was cool because of the quote. As a creative , I sometimes have trouble taking breaks. Our minds are always running. Honestly , I never really stopped to really understand the true definition of the word. 

The mug reads: CREATE. v. - to cause to come into being , as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes. 

It's a reminder to create, but to also take some time for a nice big cup of tea or coffee. 


It's all about LOVING THE SKIN YOU'RE IN. Creating a routine, and setting time aside for self-care is crucial. It really makes a huge difference in your overall mood and energy. I have a thing for all natural products. Our bodies deserve the best of the best. I've found that when you take the time to treat your self right, you automatically feel better. And when you feel good, you attract good. Fresh new XL towels are just the icing on the cake after a nice long bath. 


Shot By:  @jeanthehueman

You have NOT experienced the full experience of working out alone , until you've done it with wireless headphones. These are actually my first pair, and they've helped me look forward to working out. I love making a playlist, and putting in work, with no strings attached ..literally. These also come in handy during my commute. I can talk on the phone, listen to my podcasts, and not have to worry about fumbling with my phone. 

4. YOGA MAT ( $8) 

Shot By:  @jeanthehueman

I personally started my Yoga journey 2 short months ago and it is really changing my life . It's helping me to be more self aware and to practice mindfulness. Life can get really hectic sometimes , and I'm finding that Yoga even helps me in those moments. I'm learning to be conscious of my breathing in every moment. Yoga helps strengthen your mind , body , and spirit all at the same time. If you haven't tried it yet, a really cute mat can definitely encourage you to start. 


Ever heard of a "Manifestation Box"? It's basically a vision board on steroids. I used to use a shoebox, so this is definitely a MAJOR upgrade. So this is how it works: You can either cut out images from magazines of things you want to manifest for yourself and put them in this box. You can also write whatever it is on post-its.  I find that with the box , I add to it more frequently throughout the year than I would add to a vision board. Make sure to write a note somewhere on or in the box that reads "Whatever is Contained In This Box Already Is". This is you communicating with the universe that you believe it is already YOURS. I  like to date each note and as they manifest , I write the date that I received it , and I move it to another box titled "Manifested". 

6. CHARGING WALLETS ($17 each) 


I thought these were really awesome , cute, and PRACTICAL. I've talked a lot so far about recharging our spiritual and physical bodies but let's be honest, we need our phones charged too! I for one, am TIRED of having a dead phone. I also feel that giving someone a wallet brings them inspiration to organize their finances and bring them new money. 


PREPARATION. PREPARATION. PREPARATION. Meal prepping is probably one of the BEST habits to practice. I love this lunch box so much because first and foremost it' paisley. I just feel like paisley just makes everything that much more attractive lol. It's also insulated and it comes with 3 meal prep containers as well as ice packs. 



I think half of the battle of getting to the gym or just being active at all is fashionable and comfortable gym wear. Trust me, a GOOD pair of leggings will take you a LONG way. This running pack is also a life-saver. Making sure you can stay hands-free and focused on the task at hand. IF you must change a song, or send a quick text , it has touch screen technology. 


When's the last time you stayed home and gave yourself a manicure? This case is efficient,  compact and gets the job DONE. 



I've struggled a lot with my skin this year. It's not fun AT ALL.  I've always wanted one of these but never wanted to spend too much on it. Then I ran into this and threw it in my car ASAP. It's effective and inexpensive. The best combo. 


You have to SET. THE. MOOD. Aromatherapy does just that.  There are so many benefits.

Diffusing essential oils in your space: 

  •  Promotes healthy well-being
  • Purifies your home 
  • Reduction of Airborne Contaminants 
  • Deodorize Your Home 
  • Humidify The Air 
  • Maintains Oil's Quality and Effectiveness 

Aromatherapy is therapeutic and and promotes physical and emotional well-being.

Essential oils have the power to: 

  • Promote Relaxation
  • Relieve Stress
  • Relieve Stress
  • Boost Energy
  • Uplift The Spirit 
  • Clear The Mind
  • Increase Concentration 
  • Induce A Good Night's Sleep 

12. A HUGE CANDLE ($7) 


A good candle is a game changer. It changes the mood of whatever space your in. I personally like to shut the light off, light a candle, listen to some music, & write in my journal. You can NEVER go wrong with this classic gift.



My guess is're on them a lot? Take the time to pamper them. Since they get us where we need to go every single day, the least we can do is show them a little extra love. This gift box ensure that you keep them soft, and smelling good in between pedicures!

14. SHOES!!!!! ($29.99)

I think you guys get the point by now. TREAT. YO. SELF!!!! When's the last time you bought yourself a new pair of boots? Without the guilt? I'm always in sneakers running around with my little one and I recently did a HUGE purge and got rid of 90% of my clothes and I decided to treat myself to some fancy boots ;) 


Burlington has something for EVERYONE. But this Holiday season, make sure you don't forget about YOU. BE mindful and intentional with your gift giving. Look for practical gifts that can really add to someone's life and promote their well-being. Nothing says 'I Love You' like a thoughtful gift. 

Thanks to Burlington  I have a $100 giftcard to gift one of my subscribers. SO here's the FINALt step to enter to win >>>Join my email list! The first two steps are on my Instagram Post!   I will choose one person to help finish up your last-minute holiday shopping! The winner will be announced Sunday 12/17/17.  Make sure you check out browse  Burlington  to start making plans for your giftcard! Also, follow their instagram  @BurlingtonStyle for more Holiday Inspiration!

Special thanks to @jeanthehueman for the photography. 

Peace , Love & Light.  


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Dedicated to Korryn Gaines

"My son is not a hostage. He wants to be here in his home with his mother."   -  Korryn Gaines   Photo:  Andrew Fennell    Makeup:  Marshelle C.  

"My son is not a hostage. He wants to be here in his home with his mother."  - Korryn Gaines

Photo: Andrew Fennell 

Makeup: Marshelle C. 

This morning I woke up and I searched your hashtag. 

First name:  "#"

Middle name "Korryn" 

Last name  "Gaines" 

Sad. Infuriating. Sickening. 

As I scrolled I pieced together your story. 

And peace by piece my heart shattered. 

Before I could even read a word I noticed how fly you were. 

How full of life you were. 

How beautiful your children are. 

How bold your spirit is

I watched your videos. 

Your voice was piercing. 

Your message, powerful. 

Yet, in the comments they argue. 

Some call you crazy. 

They say you were irresponsible. 

You asked for it.  

You were talented. 

You were smart. 

You were awake. 

You were aware. 

You were tired. 

You stood up. 

You sacrificed your life. 

You stood your ground. 

I saw the video of your son in the hospital. 

He's brave, like his mother. 

He tells the truth, like his mother. 











I Thank You. 



Photo: Andrew Fennell 

Makeup: Marshelle C.



[Chris]Miss Universe

I was so overwhelmed when this #TCG  campaign went viral last week. I went through a lot of confusion , and identity issues growing up as an Afro Latina. I didn't think twice when I got invited to participate in the shoot especially when I found out Joey, also know as , "islandboy" was shooting. The way this campaign was received by the masses was truly a magical moment for me. From Essence, to Teen Vouge , and the Cosmopolitan, this campaign took the internet by storm...and there I was, in the middle of it..literally. 

So Naturally, when I posted it on Facebook , so many friends commented and shared my picture. Kern, my genius artist friend comment this: 

I was flattered, but I didn't expect what came next. 

[Chris]Miss Universe by  Kern Bruce     

[Chris]Miss Universe by Kern Bruce


This picture means soon much to me. First and foremost, to have someone be inspired to create something so epically dope and share their God given gift is just a crazy feeling in and of itself. It brought me to tears. There was a time when I would walk past a mirror and not look at it because I didn't like what I saw. It took a lot of work and self acceptance to love what I saw. When we look at ourselves we should know that God has created us as meticulously as he created every star in the universe. I look at this painting and I know that my possibilities are limitless. It reminds me that I am important...that I am a masterpiece...that my creator made no mistakes...that I am connected to everything in the universe. It inspires me to love myself unconditionally. It reminds me that I am powerful beyond measure. My flaws are no mistake.  I'm honored , and blessed, to be able to look at this and be inspired to be who I was created to be. 

The Process

Inspiration finds you. Sometimes it’s the random thoughts, random conversations that lead you in a particular direction. One connecting thought, idea connects to another and before long you’ve got something.
— Kern Bruce

Prints and shirts of this painting will be available soon. Please support my friend, and GENIUS artist Kern Bruce. IG @kernyboydraws



6 Yrs Ago I Graduated College with a 5 Month Old ...


I'll never forget the day I found out I was pregnant. It was Cinco de Mayo'. I was 3 weeks away from my 21st birthday ( I'd planned to use my girlfriend's I.D to get into the local bar), and 2 weeks away from my 3 month study abroad program in Costa Rico. I always joke about this, but maybe I should've enjoyed my last night of having absolutely no care in the world and took the test on the 6th. Besides, we all know drinking while pregnant doesn't count unless you know you're pregnant. Right? LOL. But seriously,  not to sound cliche or anything, but  after the moment I peed on a stick in my boyfriend's dorm room , and saw that little plus sign, everything changed. Never for a minute did I question what I was going to do.  I was a mother. It was no longer about just me. I was responsible for a little human. 

 "I only have 1 more year of school" , I thought to myself. In my mind,  I'd graduate, find a "good job" (whatever that means), move out of my parents house and make it happen.  See back then, I thought college graduation was the last due I had to pay before becoming a real life successful adult. Adding a baby into the equation just made me want to do it even more. I wasn't afraid to become a mother but I was afraid to become one of those stories - you know where a young  woman get's pregnant in college, has to drop out to raise her baby , never goes back ... never fulfills her dreams, has  resentment , regret ..etc etc.  I wasn't here for that so I went hard. I took extra classes in the summer just in case anything went wrong. I knew that come May ,whatever it took I was walking across that stage with my baby in the audience. ..and I did. 

Having him motivated me in ways that I didn't expect. He motivated me to be really honest with myself- to challenge myself to be the best person I can raise my find my purpose and to stand in it. Motherhood challenges me daily to continue on the journey to loving myself so that I can teach him how to do the same. 

Graduation was a big deal for me until I graduated and I realized that now I was in the REAL WORLD, not  the "real world" I made up in my mind prior...the one where I'd be making 60k straight off the bat ..where I'd marry my "baby's daddy" ..have some more babies perfectly spaced (2 years apart) and be done by 30 on the road to happily ever after. (I mean, I did everything right aside from  having a baby at 21 out of wedlock.)  This place didn't give a damn whether you just pushed out a 10 pound baby and managed to write a 60 page thesis a week later. Getting my degree did one thing for me in the real  was proof that my baby wasn't a hinderance. He was my reason. From the day I found out that he was on his way, to this very moment, he is the only reason I ever need to PUSH.  Had I gotten that piece of paper without him on my hip, I'm not sure that I'd fully understand what I'm truly capable of.  Ironically,  my purpose doesn't require a degree , however it requires all of the strength I had to muster up to get it. 

Thank you to my boy for being more of a blessing than I ever could've my mom for teaching me every single day what unconditional love looks like ,  to my family and friends for all of the love and support., and to his father , for always being there. 

<3 Chris 





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Q U E E N I N - The Backstory. 

 It's been about 2 years since I've been operating outside of the corporate realm. Being a young, single mother from Newark, NJ it's definitely been a challenge to connect with people in my community who are facing the same struggles.  In the beginning , living so close to NYC, I felt like a lot of other creatives from jersey feel - like I had to establish myself in New York for some kind of stamp of approval. I got tired of that , quick. There's so many amazing talented creatives from Jersey , doing things, but where were they? Where can I find them? Especially women. Why aren't we visible? Why aren't we connected?


One day, about 2 months ago I spoke at a panel discussion about dealing with fear as a creative. Melody Asherman , who was in the audience, asked me  what do you do when people blatantly copy off of what your doing?. I shared my experience and what I learned, which is to work at your craft so much , and be so unique that someone couldn't copy even if they tried. At that moment we connected. Right after the panel we talked and hit it off instantly.  I asked her where she was from. She said NEWARK and my face lit up! She showed me her designs and I was absolutely floored. THIS. WAS. IT. I asked her if she'd be down for a shoot fit for QUEENS and she replied quickly with a huge smile and a  YES.  At first it started off as a collaboration between she and I , and I thought, let's find some more female creatives from Jersey and let's make the BIG. 

Just like that 👑N was born .

👑  from left to right  : Melody ( Fashion Designer) Dyasia ( Set Assistant) Pita ( Hair Stylist) Jasmine ( BTS Videographer) Sydney (Jewelry Designer) Charlene ( Makeup Artist) Veronica ( Writer) Kaila ( Videographer ) Photograph by @Dwoodsonphotography

👑 from left to right : Melody ( Fashion Designer) Dyasia ( Set Assistant) Pita ( Hair Stylist) Jasmine ( BTS Videographer) Sydney (Jewelry Designer) Charlene ( Makeup Artist) Veronica ( Writer) Kaila ( Videographer ) Photograph by @Dwoodsonphotography

👑 (IN) F O R M A T I O N - The Lineup .

Before I put together a team, I had to really hash out what 👑N meant to me and what I wanted this project to represent. There was a gap in my community that needed to be filled. But with what? With who?  I knew I was looking for women from Jersey who were individuals and exuded confidence and creativity.  So I had my starting pointed. But what did 👑N mean to me👑N is giving credit where it's due so I didn't want to be the focus of the project but rather a representation of what it looks like when we join forces on a vision and make magic happen. I wanted this to be proof that not only are we HERE but we can work together.  👑N is connecting. A lot of times, especially as women, we're taught to be in constant competition. Whether we realize our part in it or not, I knew there was a reason that this platform didn't exist. We miss a lot of opportunities to collaborate, to teach, and to uplift one another so I wanted 👑N to encompass all of that. 

Photograph by Donell Woodson (@Dwoodsonphotography) 

M E L O D Y (Fashion Designer)- "Evrrrything Rouge"

Age: 27 (look 23 lol) 

Brand: Everrything RRouge

Location: Newark 

What made you start your brand? I absolutely LOVEEEEE FASHION! 

What keeps you going? My passion, culture and creativity drives me. 

What are some obstacles you've overcome? I was my biggest obstacle. I had excuses for everything. I finally stopped with the excuses and started making things happen!  

What obstacles are you working on overcoming? Sometimes I doubt myself and then I have to remind myself that I'm capable to do anything I put my mind to. I go down the list like remember that time you thought you couldn't and you killed it? 

Where can people purchase your pieces? Email for purchasing inquiries.

Social media handles? @Rrfashionista ig

What does Queenin' mean to you? Queenin to me is you simply being you. Walking in and slaying. Queenin is walking with your head held high. Existing! We are descendants of queens so it's already written. 

P I T A ( Hair Stylist, Personal Trainer) - Hair Bully/ Body Bully Fitness 

Age: 24
Brand: Hair Bully x Body Bully Fitness x PitaGrace
Location: Newark NJ
What made you start your brand?
What keeps you going?  My Dreams and knowing that there is no such thing as Max Potential
What are some obstacles you've overcome?
I've lost about 45 lbs changed my eating habit, moving up 9 hrs away from my hometown having to start over in a big city.
What obstacles are you working on overcoming?  Becoming a pro athlete and trying to become a young business owner debt free.
Where can people purchase your pieces? & For Hair Bully
Social media handles?
Twitter/ @PitaGrace
IG / @Pita.Grace
What does Queenin' mean to you?
"Queening' is letting your soul shine at its highest potential through the art you put out into the universe "

C H A R L E N E (Makeup Artist)- MBC

Age: 31

Brand: #MBC

Location: Newark, NJ (travels)

What keeps you going? My love for the ART of makeup, God, my love of the art of enhancing faces, and being a part of special moments in people's lives. 

What are some obstacles you've overcome? Being patient with the process of building and individualizing my brand as well as finding more time to market myself. 

Social Media Handles? IG: @Lenewitit 

How can you be contacted for booking?

What does Queenin' mean to you? Queenin' means being comfortable in your own skin, believing in yourself and uplifting others. 

S Y D N E Y  (Jewelry Designer)- ShopSol


Brand: Sydney Bell Presents SōL

Location: Trenton NJ

What made me start my brand: I originally started making Jewelry back in middle school When i got involved with an amazing summer program by the name of M.O.B (Minding our business) our of rider university. The program teaches Middle school students how to Start and run a business and become entrepreneurs, through intense classes, homework, business plan competitions (that I won 2 years in a row) , trips into NYC for us to shop for the products, and we had the opportunity to sell our products at market fairs in our community also set up by the program. My first year in the program I was unsure of what business to start so my mama have me the idea to a jewelry business, she used to make jewelry when she was younger so she taught me everything I needed to know about it, I am still learning from her till this day! Since then i've been creating on and off but I never really went hard because i was honestly afraid of both my potential and afraid to fail so I would half-ass, I was making jewelry but I was never really committed. I was scared to take the first step in getting back out there because there were so many things that could go wrong, its risky, money isn't always guaranteed, what if people don't like it!?!! 

I started SōL in may of 2015 after I got laid off from my 9-5. At one of my darkest times I saw the light. Me being a firm believer in divine timing, I knew that me being let go was a blessing, so I decided to boss up and go back to pursuing my passion full time, fearlessly! I named my Brand 'SōL' (Latin for sun) because of the joy and light that comes from me creating it. SōL to me is the light that shines from within when we as people are pursuing our passions and what makes us feel most alive! 

What keeps me going: I gravitate towards what makes me happy, and creating does that for me. When I look at all of the progress i've made in under a year, I have to keep going! its so exciting! At this point creating is more than just something I want to do, Its what I have to do in order to continue to stay true to myself. 

Some obstacles ive overcome: 

One major obstacle that I had to overcome is fear of failure. I had to change my mindset, I stopped second guessing myself, and decided to go after any and everything, I also separated myself from people who made me feel like i wasn't good enough. something I am currently overcoming is trusting in divine timing. Im grateful for my friend/mentor Ms Bilquis who constantly reminds me that everything happens the way its supposed to, not to rush & that everything will fall into place. (so far she's been right!)

Where can people purchase:

My website: 

My ETSY: @YendySol

My social media:



What does Queenin' mean to you?

Queenin' to me is owning how powerful you are and not letting anyone dim your light, when you can walk into a room and own it without having to take away from anyone else. Queenin' is when you finally get to a point where you can look at your fears directly and say that you're going for it anyway! Queenin' is Bossing up and taking back your power, Queenin' is when you can finally be/love 100% yourself unapologetically! 

K A I L A  (Videographer)


Age: 23

Brand: The Kaila Boulware Company

Location: New Jersey 

What made you start your brand? My brand started from the sheer hunger to win from a college kid and the obvious need for there to be media that represents melanated people. 

What keeps you going? What keeps me going is the necessity for an elevated voice among the black community. 

What are some obstacles you've overcome? Some obstacles I've overcome was switching my careers and having the courage to fulfill my true passion. 

What obstacles are you still working on overcoming? Mentally, physically, and spiritually- I am working on remembering to take care of myself and not get lost in my work. 

Where can people find your work? All of my information and portfolio can be found at

Social Media Handles? On all platforms @KailaBoulware

What does Queenin mean to you? Queenin' means to live , breathe, and always fully embody you natural position as a woman of royalty. 


J A S M I NE  (Videographer/Photographer)


Brand: SheisJasmine

Location: Hillside, NJ 

What made you start your brand? I started my brand out of pure eagerness to learn. 

What keeps you going? My passion and my faith keep me going. 

What obstacles are you overcoming? Time is always an issue and finding a balance between my passions and my way of living as far as finance. 

Social Media Handles: IG: @SheisJasmine 

What does Queenin' mean to you? Queenin' is a woman embracing and loving who she is unapologetically. 

V E R O N I C A  (Writer) 

Age: 25

Brand: Self-love and self-care are some of the things I’ve been focusing on recently. I’ve chosen to take up a natural/holistic lifestyle these past two years and have seen the benefits of taking care of not only my body, but my mind and spirit as well. I’d like to be able to  encourage people to do the same.

Location: Jersey City, NJ

What made you start your brand? I realized that happiness comes from within, but there were a series of personal events that made me want to focus more on myself. And in all honesty, you don’t really even need a particular reason to focus on yourself. I found that once I accepted who I am and the greater things that I have been destined to become, everything else fell into place.
What keeps you going? Knowing that I have a purpose in life is honestly what keeps me going day in and day out. There have been many times where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and stop putting so much effort into creating a better life for myself. But then I realized that wouldn’t do myself or anyone else around me any good. The things that I HAVE gone through also helps keep me going because I know that somewhere out there are other people who are going through the same things and are in need of help.
What are some obstacles you've overcome? I've overcome the obstacle of self doubt and low self-esteem. Growing up being made fun of really affected me well into adulthood; overcoming that obstacle by gaining confidence and self-love has helped me pass that positivity along to others.

What obstacles are you working on overcoming? Currently I'm trying to learn the art of being mindful and not acting off impulse. I tend to rush into things from time to time.

Social media handles? Instagram: cosmoses.jones  Snapchat:vero.ashley

What does Queenin' mean to you? Queenin’ is realizing your royalty and worth; it’s when you don’t allow the opinions of others to impact you negatively or come into your atmosphere and steal your inner peace.

D Y A S I A (Set Assistant, Aspiring Model) 

Age: 24

Brand: Name coming soon :)

Location: Brooklyn, Ny

What made you start your brand? For as long as I can remember I've always been interested in fashion design and personal stylingbut I didn't always have the confidence in my abilities so I never pursued it as much as I should have. Now that I'm older and more self assured, I feel like I owe it to myself to follow my passions.

What keeps you going? In the past I feel like I've relied too much on the approval of others and I let their opinions shape how I live my life. So I would say that what keeps me going now is myself and GOD because who else could possibly know me better.

What are some obstacles you've overcome? An important obstacle that I have overcome pretty recently is accepting myself for who I am. Acknowledging the fact that I'm unique in many aspects and realizing that my weirdness isn't a flaw, it's an advantage.

What obstacles are you working onovercoming? Self doubt is an ever evolving obstacle that i'm working hard to defeat. My self doubt stems from being easily discouraged when my plans or ideas don't pan out as I hoped they would. But I am learning to use the discouragement as a lesson and not be so hard on myself.

Where can people purchase your pieces? When I launch my collection the links to purchase will be found on my instagram

Social media handles? @_dressed2kill_

What does Queenin' mean to you? Queenin to me means being fearless in pursuing my goals and wholeheartedly being myself

I want to give a special THANK YOU to this beautiful woman. Dyasia emailed me a few weeks before the shoot and expressed that she loves my work and wants to help in anyway she can. I was completely shocked and grateful that a young woman not only appreciated my story, but had the courage to see how she can be a part of it. The day of the shoot was INSANE. There was so much going on and she held it down. As the model and creative director, I couldn't be everywhere every time and answer every single question or phone call. In came, Dyasia , with little to no direction, she filled in where necessary and played a MAJOR roll in bringing this project to life! THANK YOU !!

Seeing this project come together inspired me to keep dreaming and executing. I felt so powerful bringing all of these women together. To see them connect, and laugh, and do the shit out of what it is they do was humbling.  They all showed up for me because I had a vision they believed in, I reached out, and it was all history from there. 


👑fully Yours, 



If you are a female creative from Jersey and would like to be featured on the 👑N please email me through my contact page. 

All photos were taken by Donell Woodson//@DwoodsonPhotography



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The Inner Beauty Blog : Feel What You Need to Feel and Move on

Top:   Rockin Remix  Custom Cosby Sweater ( Use Code ChrisMiss16 for 15% purchase) Jacket:  Coup De Coeur Ltd

Top: Rockin Remix Custom Cosby Sweater ( Use Code ChrisMiss16 for 15% purchase) Jacket: Coup De Coeur Ltd

Moments. We all have them. Right? Somehow when we're in them it seems like we'll be in that space forever. So we rush them. Or better yet, we attempt to preoccupy ourselves so that we don't feel them. I'm learning that if you don't stop and feel what you need to feel , you'll never quite get out of those spaces and move on to the next thing. Those feeling will hang over your head until you really confront them. 

It's been a year and a half since I made the decision to leave the workforce and support myself via my own creative projects. I've learned so much about who I am. I know now that  when I get stressed , I shut down. Completely. Recently, I'd  gotten to the point where I allowed the pressure to build up so much that I froze. Literally. I feel like I went into hiding. Everything stopped.  I stopped creating regularly. I stopped being social. I stopped feeling like I was moving forward. And for a little while I was really down on myself about it. You don't really take into account the emotional roller-coaster that becoming a creative entrepreneur is before you start the ride. I guess I thought that once I made the decision, everything would get better and better. It doesn't work like that. You're up , then you're down , then you're up again. 



  • You must take care of yourself - mind , body , and soul - more than ever. Your work depends on it.  
  • Be kind to yourself. Be mindful of what you say about you. You need encouragement, not criticism. 
  • There's nothing wrong with needing a break. Taking time to regroup is completely necessary and completely ok. Sometimes we need our time. Time to turn off. Time to think. Time to just be who we are.
  • IT'S OK TO BE SAD. IT'S OK TO BE UNSURE. IT'S OK TO BE STILL. Feel what you need to feel so that you can move on. 



I found that doing what I love and sticking around people with good energy helped . As a creative, it's inspiring to be around people who love creating as much as you do. I had the opportunity to shoot with my friend, and very talented photographer Bryon Summers in my hometown of Newark, NJ a few weeks. I'm in LOVE with the photos he captured. The weather was beautiful. We walked, and talked about life , and enjoyed creating for the sake of creating, It was perfect.  I got to rock out in this super dope sweater from Project Runway designer Char Glover , and literally got my swag back. =)




Everything life throws at us is important. Some times are happier than others, but the down times are just as necessary as the good ones. 


All Love  All ways, 





The Inner Beauty Blog: Decide It's ALL Good and it WILL BE


There's this idea that I once subscribed to that said ..."if 'bad' things happened in your life it means that you've invited's a punishment for something you must've said or done". That thinking got me nowhere. It scared me. It made me feel that life was about right and wrong and I was always in a position where I had to decide between door one and door two. Stressful, actually. It invited a lot of doubt. A lot of second guessing. I realized that everything is about your intention. You might not always make the "right" choice but when your intention is good ...whatever you get in return will lend itself to building you up. Sometimes that building requires that you be broken down first. Things happen ..period. That's life. Every single second of every single day...something has to. We have a choice. We get to decide how we want to look at whatever that thing is. When that thing makes us uncomfortable , or reveals a weaknesses in us..or calls us out on our bullshit , we tend to label it "bad" or view it as negative. I agree, it's easier to live in comfort. But can we grow from comfort? Not likely. 


I've decided that everything is ALL good even when it's not , it is. Because "not good" times are preparations for the moments we live for. Unhealthy relationships are preparations for healthy ones. Unsatisying jobs are there to guide us to what it is we really want to do. For every "negative"  situation in our lives , we have the ability and the POWER to decide whether we want to look at it as a punishment or as an opportunity. Subscribing to the former means you're leaving your destiny to chance. "Maybe I'll make the right decision ..maybe I won't." It becomes a game..."how many right decisions can I make until I'm happy?" Or can decide that you can be happy no matter what. Even at your worst times..when you can't seem to find your smile ...or that thing that makes you sparkle. Deep down you know you're in preparation to receive all of the things you've worked so hard for. 


The last few weeks have been emotionally trying times. Remembering that these times are preparing me for something amazing enable me to slow down and look inwardly to the things that are being changed and the lessons that are being taught so that when the time comes ...I'm ready for it.  



Let me know how you guys feel in the comments!  

All love, ALL ways




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The Inner Beauty Blog: Needing a break doesn't make you weak makes you Human

I know I can't be the only one who feels like if I take a minute or two or three..the earth will stop spinning on it's axis. Right? Ironically , my first year being "unemployed" or self employed rather,  was the hardest I've ever worked in my life. 

2015 was a really amazing year for me. Five years after college graduation, It was my first official year free from the corporate world. I was elated. For the first few months the freedom was great. I felt like I could breath. Woke up when I wanted to , slept when I wanted to , ate whatever I wanted to....all of that. I did what I wanted when I wanted how I wanted and IT. FELT. GREAT.  The world was mine and I had the time and freedom to make my wildest dreams come true. It wasn't long before reality set in , and my unemployment check clock was beginning to tick louder and louder. I was hell bent on not going back to working in an office for someone else. I started trying to figure out my life..where I wanted to be ...what I wanted to do, and with a 5 year old, an apartment , and all the things I have to pay for exactly I was going to make money?  I can't tell you how many times I thought I would have to  move out of my apartment , or how many times I wondered how I was going to pay my phone bill or electricity bill. My answer was to work through it . I figured, as long as I'm working hard everything will work out. I'm optimistic by nature so I tend to turn my back on negativity and focus on the good stuff. The pressure slowly but surely started to build up. But I did what I always do ....I kept it moving. I figured If I didn't acknowledge it , it wouldn't affect me.  So I carried the weight of all the worry and the stress with a smile. I told myself "this is what they meant when they said it wouldn't be easy". I knew I could've went out and gotten a job. But for me ,that was the easy way out. I was afraid that I would go back to working and lose sight of everything I'm doing. I needed to prove to myself that I could make it using my own skills, creativity, and talents.  I started to become more active on youtube and got some jobs editing other people's projects. Soon after, I received my first Social Media Strategy client. From that point on I was HOOKED. That feeling of making money based off of the work that I love to do was like no other feeling I've experienced. I became obsessed. I fell in love. I said YES to every opportunity that came my way. Most of which , ended up opening other doors for me. I stayed up super late and woke up before the sun every day. When my son would go with his dad on the weekends I would hang out , have fun, work, go on dates. etc. I was LIVING. I never stopped moving , talking, thinking, writing , posting ,editing , planning. 

Needless to say, toward the end of the year I started to lose steam. I felt unmotivated. I couldn't create. The ideas just weren't coming to me as easily as they had before. I didn't want to go out or talk on the phone or return text messages( sorrryyyyyyy if I haven't text you back ..NEW YEAR NEW ME lol) . I felt crazy. I felt like I did't even exist. The light within me was dimming and I felt like I had no control over it. I'm so used to being upbeat , optimistic and ready that I was upset with myself for being drained.  I internalized my lack of energy as me not being tough enough or ready to have my own business and be my own boss. You know that little voice in your head? I call in the "Jan Brady" voice. It tells you you can't , or you're not enough. It encourages you to quit , to shrink , to color within the lines. Each day the voice got louder and louder. So I stopped everything. I just detached myself from everything and everyone and took a break from life. I felt what I had to feel and as soon as I started feeling better I hopped right back on the horse. 

Here's what I learned. 

  1. I cannot run myself into the ground. My business, my well being, and my light, depends on me being well rested, well-fed, and happy.
  2. It's OK to be tired and to take time to myself. I'm not weak, I'm human. 
  3. It's ok to SAY NO. Actually, there are times where I will have to SAY NO. I'm one person. I don't need to do every single thing every single time.  
  4. Being happy every second of every day isn't realistic. Other emotions exist for a reason and I need to learn how to balance them and not have my entire world fall apart when they come because THEY WILL COME. 

I wasn't taking care of my SELF. I wasn't sleeping right, eating right...taking time off or away from building my brand. I was just going non-stop , as fast as I could and I hit a wall. I felt like nothing worked. Why am I here? Why am I doing this? Let me just say this for aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who haven't experienced this feeling yet. Being your own boss sounds really luxurious and fun. And it is. But if  you don't take the time to take care of your SELF , It's a matter of time before everything else will fall a part. Needing a break and taking one doesn't make you weak, it makes you human. 




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The Inner Beauty Blog : How I stopped playing "Victim"

We are not meant to be victims. Things happen to us...and we get time to grieve, to rebuild and finally to  MOVE ON. For some reason a lot of us get stuck on the grieving part for a REALLY long time. So long, that we never actually get to the rebuilding and moving on phases.  

There came a time where I had to realize that I was no longer a victim, but instead I was using  my "victimness" for my own convenience , as a crutch or as an excuse to not perform to my highest potential. I didn't realize it then, but my unwillingness to move on was stifling my ability to be better.

I was angry , I was hurt . I wanted that person to really understand what they had done it broke me down ...and I wanted them to feel what I felt and make it better. So, whenever I had the chance , instead of using my energy to rebuild myself , I used it to throw what they'd done in their face . One day I looked around me, or rather within me, and  I realized it was getting me nowhere. Years had drifted by..yet there I the exact same the same circumstances ...feeling the exact same way. No progress. No power. No nothing.

 Here's the thing : when you're a victim, you don't have to be responsible for your actions or inactions because you've given that power to someone else. A lot of us take that powerlessness and run with it. Whatever we do wrong , or not good enough , we blame on that one thing/person.  Instead of taking responsibility for ourselves, we play the victim card. On the surface ..that's the easy route.  But for as long as you assume the victim role, they have your power ,  and you remain powerless. Owning what you do/ don't do whether you succeed or fail is powerfull. 

I took back my power the moment I was honest enough with myself to call out my own bullshit. I was a victim , because I wanted to be. I was in a situation that put me there , because I chose to be. And now, I was moving on because I decided I was done being stagnant. 

My power was there waiting for me in my decision to stop being powerless
— Chris Miss

Understanding that whatever "they" did to you is NOT your fault no more than it is your problem is crucial. For as long as you choose to carry that weight that they gave you to carry, you will never start doing the work  on yourself that truly needs to be done. Let it go. As hard as it may seem...LET.IT.GO. 

Decide now that you are not a victim...that no one but you is responsible for the decisions that you make. Acknowledge what you've done right just as much as you acknowledge what you've done wrong. Take responsibility for the situations you've put yourself in/ remained in. Forgive yourself and love yourself anyway. We are not meant to be victims. We are powerful.


All Love, All Ways




My Friends are DOPE: KernyBoy, Rock your Crown & The Newark Holiday Pop Up Shop

FUNNY STORY: I met Kern about 4 years ago on the PATH train. It was 4am and I actually thought he was a serial killer. At that time in my life, I had just gotten my own apartment and was working full-time and bartending part-time on the weekends.  Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED. I was sitting on the train, on my way home, trying to look as unapproachable as possible and I noticed this guy staring at me. It actually creeped me out so much that I was ready to run as soon as the train doors opened. He started walking toward me and handed me the most amazing sketch of me on a napkin. We talked while waited for the next train, exchanged instagram names and voila , a friendship was born. 

This isn't the picture he drew on the train but this is a piece he did of me a few months ago that I am absolutely in love with. He wanted to give it to me for free but I told him I rather wait until I can afford to pay him what its worth.&nbsp;

This isn't the picture he drew on the train but this is a piece he did of me a few months ago that I am absolutely in love with. He wanted to give it to me for free but I told him I rather wait until I can afford to pay him what its worth. 

Eventually, we found out we were neighbors , both living just blocks from each other in downtown Newark, NJ. We've supported each others' journey to realizing our dreams ever since. We've shared years of random 3am phone calls about how we have to stay inspired and keep going when one of us is feeling down. 

Kern, who is a SUPER talented artist, started a movement called ROCK YOUR CROWN, inspiring people to embrace their natural hair. I've been seeing everyone , everywhere wearing a ROCK YOUR CROWN something. He called me the other day to tell me he was doing a Holiday pop up shop and I was STOKEDHis pop up is a part of an initiative started up by founder Melvin Sykes that allows local business owners to sell their products from a storefront. 

Downtown Holiday Market  presented by Newark Pop-Up Shops located at 744 Broad Street Newark, NJ.&nbsp;

Downtown Holiday Market presented by Newark Pop-Up Shops located at 744 Broad Street Newark, NJ. 

He has everything from stickers, to shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and buttonss. If you get lucky, he may even draw a picture of you on the spot and drop it in your bag! It's really awesome seeing one of your peers start to manifest their dreams ..creating for the love of creating.

I got more than I bargained for when I went to visit him . I had the opportunity to meet the  most AMAZING  group of people who were also vending. I realized at that moment - this is  what happens when you keep positive, ambitious, supportive people around you - they introduce you to more positive , ambitious, supportive people. 

YUDI DAVIS// Love Your Self All Natural 

Meet YUDI. She's a mother of 6 (YES 6) who started a company of all natural products after her firstborn was diagnosed with cancer as an infant. She dropped out of school and learned everything she had to learn about his much so that she said she knew more than some of his doctors. She decided to treat him naturally. Fast forward to today, HE'S a 19 y/o college student! Her skin and personality was so vibrant ..she actually might be the sweetest person I've ever met. She gave me a bag full of goodies , including the Orange Madness Hair  & Body Butter Cream , a Volcanic Ash Mud Mask with Tea Tree, No. 72 Facial Moisturizer, and No. 90 Facial & Body Scrub. I told her to give me whatever made her skin look like that and she did! I've been using her products for a few days now and my skin never felt so good. I'm seriously HOOKED! If you can't make it to the pop-up shop in time,  products can also be purchased online at


DEJA// Moda Thriftique 

Meet Deja. She was super sweet and cute and oozed creativity. She has a ton of cool vintage, thrifted, pieces and creates the really dope, storytelling buttons. Her energy was everything. I love seeing young people out here doing what they love!

Olive// Black Girl Summer 

Meet Olive. Olive is a creative who started a magazine called Black Girl Summer. She wants to create a platform where women of color from all around the world can see faces that look like theirs. 


Meet Judith. Judith is a Fashion Collector and stylist who has been collecting clothes for decades! Her hat and spirit were LIFE! 

I'm so grateful to have connected with these beautiful inspiring creatives from my city. Please support the Newark Pop Up Shops as you shop for your loved ones this holiday season! 




Love is in the HAIR .png

I LOVE finding creative ways to help people. Essentially, thats where the whole "Everyday is Chris Miss"  concept came from. It's about finding creative ways to treat people like its Christmas( or whatever holiday you celebrate)  -- all the time. We all go through things, and we can either let those things break us , or turn them into opportunities to help other people who may be in the same predicament.  

I am half African American and half Puerto Rican. A lot of people praise "mixed hair", but growing up it was the source of a lot of pain and self-hatred for me. My mom had a very different texture then I did , and back then , there wasn't even a fraction of the products and information that are available now. My mom, along with my aunts, and grandmothers (on both sides) tried their best , but no one really knew how to care for it properly.

1st grade - 6 yrs old ( I actually LOVED this hairstyle! ) This is around the time I got my first perm...and I was HAPPY about it!&nbsp;

1st grade - 6 yrs old ( I actually LOVED this hairstyle! ) This is around the time I got my first perm...and I was HAPPY about it! 

I got my first perm when I was about 5 or 6. I'll never forget , my Abuelita had her friend do it for me in her garage . She had a salon chair and everything. I was excited about it. My hair was straight or "lacio" as my Abuelita would say. I absolutely LOVED my hairstyle in my 1st grade picture because that's how my mom used to wear her hair. For YEARS I got my hair permed. From the constant use of chemicals ,gels,  and heat damage from curling irons , my hair suffered from a lot of damage. At one point, I remember wearing a denim "blossom hat" everyday to school for atlas a year! 

I didn't know how to verbalize it then , but what I did know is that my natural hair wasn't ok. Everyone was always doing things to change it from it's natural state. So, naturally I internalized that. I made up my mind that it wasn't was a hassle. There was no going out in the rain without risking it getting "messed up". All of my female cousins are mixed except for one. So by default , because she had the "good" hair she always got first dibs on the Pink Ranger , Arielle , or whatever lead character we were playing make believe with at the time. 

So, I asked myself - "How can I turn that experience into a positive experience for other little girls who are currently in the shoes I was once in?"  That's how #LOVEisintheHAIR💛 was born ! At the initial event , happening 12.20.15 at the J.Onye Beauty Cafe in Union, NJ - 10 girls from the ages of 6-12 will be paired with 10 local hair stylists. They will get their hair done and receive gift bags containing enough supplies for the year ,  sponsored by Cantu, Camile Rose, and Shea Moisture. After the event , the little girl will be able to get her hair done by the stylist once a month(FOR FREE) for the 2016 calendar year. For more information about the campaign , watch my video below!


To enter , post a picture of you now , alongside of you then (like these pictures below) on Instagram. In the caption, share how your relationship with your hair has changed or stayed the same since you were a child , and why!  Don't forget to hashtag your picture #LOVEisintheHAIR💛 Winner will win one of these full size Shea Moisture products! 

One of our #LOVEisintheHAIR💛&nbsp;sponsors  SHEA MOISTURE

One of our #LOVEisintheHAIR💛 sponsors SHEA MOISTURE

I can't wait to read your stories !


All Love, All ways 


-Chris Miss


Mommy Time: 10 Clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Mommy Time: 10 Clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Odds are, if you have a child under the age of 10 you know what Elf on the Shelf is. If you aren't aware ,here's the idea:

Santa sends an elf to your home from the North Pole to watch over you for the Christmas season. Your little one names the elf , but they can't touch them ! The elf's job is to make sure your little one is behaving. Every night after bed , the elf flies to the north pole to report to Santa whether you were naughty or nice. It's cute seeing  your little one literally JUMP out of bed with pure excitement to find where their elf will end up each morning. Here's my little one finding his elf "Justi' the other morning before school.

Elf on the Shelf can be really fun and exciting BUT it does get kind of hard coming up with clever ways to out-do yourself. So here's a list I've put together of 10 really clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas !






Journal Entry #1 :"Why am I Here?"


Journal Entry #1 :"Why am I Here?"

So here I am, with my own website. I must be important now, huh? Funny how I've been working on this site for months, yet I'm sitting here just hours before launching, googling and youtubing phrases like "first blog post topics" and "first blog entry FAQ.".  Apparently , that's one of the most frequently asked questions because TONS of things came up. Still, none of them helped me one bit. What do I write about? So I  figured I may as well ask myself the only question that I really have at this point: 


As cliche' as it may sound , as a child I always knew I had a greater calling. I couldn't verbalize it , and honestly I didn't even know it was a thing until "it" didn't go away. It was a feeling that I could never shake ( it even got me in trouble sometimes) -- a feeling that told me "there has to be more". 

Social media has revealed to me what "more" can actually mean in my life. It has given me a platform and opportunity to share my voice, my opinions, my insight , and ultimately myself , with the world. I'll never forget that day 3 years ago, as I sat in my cubicle practically in tears , pouring my heart out in the caption of one my posts. I had been going through a really rough time , and frankly , I was tired of the Drake lyric captions up and down my timeline . So , I decided to share. I was completely transparent with my feelings and the feedback I received was incredible. It changed my life.  

I had no idea that being myself would get me to the point where complete strangers actually care about what I'm doing , how my son is , what I'm wearing, or what I have to say.  That in itself has encouraged me to continue challenging myself and sharing my story along the way because I know that if I could show people that manifestation is real, they will manifest their own dreams into their lives.  This week marks a year since I left the corporate world to "find myself" and live my purpose. 365 days, 20K combined followers, and 300,000 views later, I sit here and I know that I have the whole world at my fingertips. 


I didn't know what my purpose was that day in my cubicle,  when I decided to stop hiding.  I can't say for sure that I know exactly what it is now. But what I do know is this..I  was put here on this earth to help people. That is what I do. That is who I am. That is , essentially, why I am here.

Thank you all for your support. I'm so excited to continue my journey with you !! =) 

All Love//Always, 

-Chris Miss